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BlueHost vs HostMonster Visit HostMonster $3.95/mo


BlueHost vs FastDomain Visit FastDomain $3.95/mo
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#7 BlueHost vs WebHostingPad Use Coupon “Love” to Save $25
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BlueHost Promo $3.95 Per Month – What Does it Offer?


The BlueHost promo $3.95 per month simply has more than enough to offer. Since BlueHost is proudly trusted by millions of webmasters, the promo usage is usually competitive. All the basic web hosting features as well as most advanced web hosting features are available for half the original price.

Here’s a list of what BlueHost promo $3.95 per month has to offer;

Unlimited Disk Storage

You can enjoy unlimited disk storage for just $3.95 per month among other desirable features. So, the low hosting price does not deny you of the full benefits of BlueHost web hosting packages.

You may ask, what will I do with the unlimited disk storage? The unlimited storage space is not just for files storage, it is the least you can do with the unlimited space. More importantly, a webmaster who has multiple sites can host all of them in one web hosting account by leveraging the unlimited disk space. Thus, if you intend managing multiple websites on one account, the unlimited disk space will be extremely beneficial to you.

Take a look at what you are gaining with just half the price of web hosting package; prior to this time, a webmaster can only host less than 7 accounts on a single account. But, BlueHost has eliminated this limitation with its unlimited disk space offer and you can enjoy it even with 50% price discount. Other additional valuable perks with BlueHost promo $3.95 per month include Sub Domains, Unlimited FTP Accounts, Sub Domains, POP3 Accounts, Parked Domains and more.

Unlimited Domain Hosting

You can also enjoy no-limit domain hosting at extremely affordable rate – the BlueHost discount coupon makes it possible. Since you can host multiple domains in a superior manner at half the market price, it would not be sensible to opt for a cheap web host service that can only allow limited domain hosting on one hosting account.

So, what’s the import of unlimited domain hosting? When you take advantage of BlueHost $3.95/month promo to host unlimited domains, you will gain the extra benefit of managing tons of websites with just one Cpanel (Control panel). Subsequently, your website management issues as a result of hosting multiple sites on a single account become simplified.

One of the significant benefits of unlimited domain hosting feature from BlueHost is the management of multiple domains with single Cpanel. On the other hand, if you have seven domains which you are hosting on seven different web hosting sites, the hassles you will go through managing these domains would be unspeakable. It would simply be a nightmare trying to keep track of the entire seven domains, plus other troubles such as certificates renewals and add-ons updating. The BlueHost control panel feature allows you to manage tons of domains on a single web hosting account, even at a discount rate.

The advantage of hosting multiple domains on a single account cannot be overemphasized. It is simply a huge saving considering how much it would cost to host multiple domains in different web hosting sites, and perhaps with non superb tools to manage the domains. Look at it this way also; if BlueHost only allows one domain for each hosting account, you will end up paying $27.65/month for seven websites. Consequently, you will incur over $330 fee rather than just paying only $47 by simply hosting all seven domains on one Bluehost account and managing them effectively with a single Cpanel. Thus, huge savings is one of the end-benefits of hosting multiple domains on a single account for just half the original cost.

Unlimited Add-on Domains

Most times, add-on domains are essentially needful. But, unfortunately, a good number of web hosting service providers do not support or provide this essential feature. Also, there are some web hosts who may choose not to offer add-on domains for whatever reasons, while others would request for extra fee when offering add-on domains. But, in the case of BlueHost, things are entirely different as they provide all features that would facilitate successful and enjoyable web hosting even at a great discount. So, you can enjoy the unlimited add-on domains from BlueHost even with BlueHost promo $3.95 per month.

Free Site Builder

Free site builder is one of the tools to enjoy freely when leveraging BlueHost hosting services. Websites are extremely helpful online tools that can help online marketers generate income and lots of it. There are always tons of money making opportunities you can convert a website to. You can build a website so easily and quickly with the site builder tool that comes with BlueHost web hosting plan, even if you are paying just half of the original price. The site builder from BlueHost comes with tons of templates to experiment with. So, instead of waiting for a website developer with tons of other clients’ jobs to handle, you can quickly create your own professional-looking website in a couple of minutes.


The overall hosting quality is largely determined by the choice of control panel tool offered by any web hosting service provider. The control panel is an essential web hosting tool, it is the first port of call where users go to accomplish domains set-up, website set-up and email accounts set-up, including the management of these accounts. More importantly, the cPanel is an essential tool for setting up your database, managing a hosting account’s security features, installing applications and managing different FTP accounts.

BlueHost cPanel has outstanding advantages that come from its reliability and efficiency in terms of speed and performance. That’s not all, BlueHost is constantly upgrading its cPanel and entire hosting packages to improve the experience of its valued customers. The cPanel v.11 application is a higher version that makes web hosting administration and controlling even easier – the graphic user interface is simply friendly.

There are more unlimited web hosting features to enjoy with BlueHost promo $3.95 per month.

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